India is the home of more than 500 million children under the age of fourteen! 25.7 million of those children are parentless.

The Center of Hope in Tirupathi, India is overseen by Pastor Arul. Tirupathi, home to one of the largest Hindu temples, is a high tourist city. Recent studies have shown that a large percentage of people in the area are infected with HIV, leaving many children parentless. The Center of Hope in Tirupathi is a home for children whose parents have died of AIDS. The center provides a loving and safe home environment for the children, and ensures they receive a good education.

For many years Dream Centre Ministries has been meeting the needs of orphans in the nation of India. For only $30.00 a month you can provide an orphan with food, clothes, medical care, a place to live, an education (including English class), and the opportunity to hear the Gospel and be trained to live a Christ-centered life.


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