Dream Centre Ministries was established in 2005 with the purpose of furthering the Gospel in Canada and around the world. Dream Centre Ministries is overseen by Pastors Carmen and Linda Alexander. Pastor Eric Johns of the Buffalo Dream Center is the President. Since its inception, many people have been touched by the love of Christ in India and Canada.  In India, Dream Centre Ministries provides financial support for the orphans living at the Center of Hope Orphanage in Tirupati, India. The parents of these children have died of HIV Aids and the children have been left to fend for themselves. The children are brought into the Orphanage where they thrive in a loving, Christian atmosphere. They are clothed, fed, and given the medical and dental attention, they need and offered the opportunity to receive an excellent education and eventually a career. They learn about Christian values and the importance of living a Christian life.

India is the home of more than 500 million children under the age of fourteen! 25.7 million of these children are parentless. The Center of Hope in Tirupathi, India is overseen by Pastor Arul. Tirupathi is home to one of the largest Hindu temples as well as a high tourist city. Recent studies have shown that a large percentage of people in the area are infected with HIV, leaving many children parentless. The Center of Hope in Tirupathi is a home for children whose parents have died of AIDS.  The center provides a loving and safe home environment for the children and ensures they receive a good education.  Pastor Arul also reaches out to the poor children in this city, providing them with nutritional meals and an afterschool program to help them with their studies.